“Cook-in Camargue” KCBS Competition



We, at the French Barbecue Association, are please to announce the “Cook-in Camargue” is officially sanctioned by The Kansas City Barbecue Association (KCBS) This premier BBQ Competition will be held in conjunction with the “Camargue BBQ Festival” an annual event held in Saintes Maries des les mer,  the fabulous Capital of the Camargue. 


Cook-in Camargue will be a KCBS Traditional Sanctioned Contest

This is the most popular type of contest KCBS sanctions.  A Traditional Sanctioned Contest requires the teams to cook 4 meats (Chicken, Pork Ribs, Pork Butt, & Brisket).  The cooking source at a Traditional Sanctioned Contest shall be of wood, wood pellets or charcoal.  KCBS Rules and regulations apply.  Traditional Sanctioned Contests are eligible for the American Royal and the Jack Daniels World Championship.  In addition, all teams who participate in a Traditional Sanctioned Contest earn points towards the KCBS Team of the Year awards held each year at their annual banquet. 

Ancillary Categories:

In addition to the required KCBS meat categories there will be a “Anything But” Category. Teams that wish to particpate, must prepare a dish of their choice that is not represented in the main meat categories required by KCBS. ( For example Duck, Fish, Lamb, Veal, etc) The next requirement is that your entry MUST be cooked on a Weber grill, examples are One Touch, Master Touch, Smokey Mountain, Go Anywhere, etc. If you don’t own a Weber grill (Unthinkable) a Mastertouch will be provided for you onsite. In addition to the usual judging criteria of Appearance, Taste, and Tenderness your entries will be judged in your cook area by the panel of judges officiating the Camargue BBQ Festival and Plating skills and Originality will count towards your overall score.


Creekstone Brisket Challenge:

Quality Briskets are difficult for every team to procure and present at turn in time. Therefore to level the playing field for all, We will have “Creekstone Chefs Choice” Briskets available to all those who choose to pre-order them here on the Cook-in Camargue website. Those that choose to order their briskets in advance from us please note, each brisket will be numbered and each teams Head Cook will draw a number at random to determine their brisket. 

In addition, the winner of the Brisket Category will receive a Creekstone Brisket to take home with them as their prize as well as the bragging rights to the first, First Place Brisket Award ever awarded in France! Bon Chance to all!